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Elmasonic XL

Ultrasonic standalone units with side-mounted transducers - "X-tra Large" for the cleaning of parts in industry and manufacture

In industry, service and repair workshops not all cleaning jobs require fine cleaning. Often, the parts that need to be cleaned are large and weighty and are heavily contaminated with polishing pastes or oil.

This is what the new Elma XL units with overflow, optional skimming device and heavy-load carrier trays have been designed for.

The parts can be placed into the carrier tray or be suspended from an overhead gantry and lowered directly into the cleaning tank. The optionally available heavy-load oscillation device is mounted inside the unit so that the flip-top cover can be closed during operation. This reduces the noise level and ensures safe operation of the oscillation device.

The transducer tanks made of highly cavitation-proof stainless steel guarantee a long service life. All units are available with the ultrasonic transducers mounted either underneath the tank bottom or to 3 tank sides. The intelligent generator provides the standard Elma operating modes sweep and degas. The additional pulse sound wave modulation is integrated and can be activated to increase the peak power, e.g. for the removal of polishing protection.
Elmasonic XL with ultrasonic transducers mounted to 2 tank sides for the active control of the cavitation fields

The overall ultrasonic equipment in these units is unequalled. On units with side-mounted transducers not only the mentioned modes but also the sound fields can be controlled. When operated in this mode, the ultrasonic peaks move through the complete bath and guarantee the same efficient ultrasonic performance at virtually every spot.

The units are available in 3 different sizes, both as ultrasonic units and as rinsing units. They can be installed and operated as cleaning lines via the integrated BUS control system.

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