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photoLab® S6

Extended functions for AQA/IQC and Blanks

The Photometer for all simple and rapid routine wastewater and drinking water measurements !

This photometer allows measurement of convenient rapid tests : simply lift the cover, insert the coded cuvette and read the result. The "AutoSelect" function performs all necessary settings. The cover serves both as dust cover and on switch. When the cover is opened, the instrument switches on and checks the optical system itself. It also holds frequently required short-form analytical procedures for mobile use.

The 4 functions keys used to perform repeat measurements for the same parameter, alternatively extinction measurements or transmittance, and operator-specific alternations to the basic settings as well as measurement of uncoded round cuvettes.

The large well-laid-out graphics display shows the reading unambiguously and provides operating instructions at the same time.

For quality assurance (AQA/IQC) measurement intervals can now be customized for individual parameters! User-defined blanks can be additionally stored. More than 500 measurement data including AQA information are stored and documented via serial printer or PC.

Features :

  • Rapid Tests
  • AQA/IQC in time and measuring intervals
  • Portable version with rechargeable battery
  • Transmittance

Technical Data & Ordering Information

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