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Squirrel 1600 Series

The advanced Squirrel 1600 datalogger offers high accuracy measurement on up to 24 inputs, and eight outputs for generation of control signals and alarms.

Key Features

  • Free, easy to use setup software in a familiar spreadsheet format means no programming skills are needed.

  • Real time and historical graphing for quick and easy analysis.

  • 24 Universal inputs avoids application redundancy, saving you money.

  • Direct connection of thermocouples, Pt100, voltage, 4 to 20mA, current, resistance, and thermistors.

  • Very high accuracy (>0.025%) and repeatability for reliable and stable measurements.

  • Mains or battery operated for local, remote or portable applications.

  • Optional PC card slot allows memory expansion and a convenient simple way of transferring data back to your PC from remote sites.

  • Four independently configurable scanning rates allow different channels to be read at different times for more efficient memory/data use.

  • Proven remote operation via GSM, PSTN, radio or satellite modem links for true ‘set and forget’ applications.

  • Sensor connection is via removable screw terminals for ease of use in the field.

  • Ethernet option allows loggers to be sited anywhere you have a network port, making installation easier and more cost effective.

Automatic Triggers, Samples and Actions

The SQ1600 is an intelligent data logger, which means it can do much more than just ‘log’ data for you. It can scan sensors, take instantaneous readings, store data to internal memory for later analysis or send it back to your PC in real time. This can be continuous, or controlled automatically, by various triggers such as channel thresholds (e.g. high/low and range alarms), external triggers (e.g. switch closure), time-clock or logger system events such as low battery. It can even raise alarms so that when a channel goes outside limits it can trigger an action such as switch a pump on, change to a faster sampling rate or start a new run. Available actions are: Start a new run, pause, stop or continue a run, change sample rate, turn on an alarm or take a set of readings. All this in a compact unit that you can quickly set up, giving you more time to focus on your application.

Specifications :


Channels: Eight 3 or 4 wire inputs, or 16 differential, or 24 single ended, plus 2 reference junctions.
Accuracy: better than 0.025% of span from ±50mV to ±25V.
Common mode range: ±30V.
Common mode rejection: up to 150dB.
Input impedance: 5M..
Linearity: better than 0.0075% FSR.
Series mode line rejection: up to 100dB at 50 & 60Hz each channel.

Resolution: >16bit in Normal mode.
Sampling rate: Up to 60 readings/second in Fast mode. 1Hz to 365 days in Normal mode.
Logger can automatically switch between Normal and Fast mode. In Fast mode defined channels are read at 200msec intervals e.g. 60 readings/ second on 1 channel or 10 readings/second per channel for 6 channels. For Pulse and Event channels the fastest rate is 1Hz.

Voltage Ranges:
11 software programmable ranges from ±25mV to ±25V.
Thermocouples: Types J, K, N, R, S, T with cold junction compensation.
Thermistors: Types U, Y, S.
RTDs: Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000.
Resistance: 4 or 3 wire up to 10K. and 2 wire up to 300K..
DC Current : ±25 mA including 4 to 20mA loop (needs external shunt).
Semiconductor sensors : AD590, LM335, LM34/35. (needs external resistors).
Strain Gauges : Full, half and quarter bridges voltage excited (raw data only - data needs to be post processed to give ppm or µstrain)
Sensor excitation :  4 outputs (3 FETs and 1 relay). Relay switch rating: 30Vdc, 25Vac, 250mA, 5W. FET outputs 1.5V up to 12.5V, in 0.05V increments, (total output 100mA through all three). Excitation available continuously from 1 second to 18 hours before taking readings.
Alarm outputs : 4 outputs (3 FETs, 50mA, 25Vdc and 1 relay, specifications as above), for high, low and range alarms, with programmable hysteresis.
Digital inputs : 8 way input, software selectable as 256 State inputs or 8 Event inputs. Input State: low = 0 to 0.5V, high = 4.5 to 5V. Can be used to measure logic state of individual channels or channel groups, trigger measurements or other actions.
Pulse counters : 2 high speed counters, one counter up to 2MHz and one up to 64kHz, software selectable, when operating in normal mode. Can be used as cumulative or resetting counters.

Time and Date
Formats: DD/MM/YY, MM/DD/YY, YY/MM/DD, HH:MM:SS. Logger clock backed up by a Lithium AA battery for a minimum of eight months if power supply is disconnected. Resolution 0.1sec, accuracy better than 1 sec/day @ 25°C.

Data memory
Internal flash memory stores 0.5Million readings as standard. An optional PCMCIA unit holds 2 SRAM memory cards, each card is capable of storing up to 1Million readings. Memory modes: stop when full, overwrite current run, overwrite oldest run first and overwrite downloaded runs only.
Scaling data
Data read from input channels as electrical units can be automatically scaled to user defined engineering units.
Logging modes
Data can be recorded at programmed time intervals or on event triggers. Statistical data available as average, max, and min.
Data manipulation
Using SquirrelView software (included with logger) data can be exported as ASCII straight into Excel, Lotus and other software for data analysis. Data downloads straight into SquirrelView Plus for quick and easy data analysis.
Programming/Logger Setup
Carried out by SquirrelView. Logger can be setup for 5 different program configurations allowing changes to be made without the need for a PC. Data can be stored in separate ‘runs’ for easy retrieval.
Display and keypad
2 line x 20 alphanumeric back lit display showing alarm information, channel status and system information. 4 key keypad selects one of 5 preconfigured logging setups.
RS232 full duplex autobaud selection between 2400 and 38.4k Baud. Protocol compatible with PCs, mobile phones, modems, and satellite ground terminals etc.
Power supply
External power 8 to 28VDC, 16 Watts max. Mains Power via 16VDC AC adaptor Alkaline 'C' cells or rechargeable Lead acid gel cell (2.1Ah) can be installed in optional housing fitted to main chassis. Typically sampling 20 channels every 20 minutes gives 3 months operation with Alkaline and 3 weeks with Lead acid batteries.
Case : Nextel coated aluminium, which can be housed in a portable, or fixed, IP 67 weatherproof enclosure. Width 257mm, Depth 155mm, Height 90mm. Operating environment: Temperature range -30 to 65°C, Humidity 95%.
Accessories included with the system : SquirrelView setup, download and export software. RS232 communications cable for PC connection.

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