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PS-3D Platform Rotator PS-3D

Ideally sized for personal use, the Grant-bio PS-3D platform rotator provides a smooth 3D orbital motion for mixing in tubes, culture flasks, dishes and boxes over the speed range 15 to 30 rpm.

The gentle movement is ideal for staining and destaining of gels without destroying the gel edges, or for keeping fragile tissue intact during incubations. The 3D motion provides very effective sample coverage, for efficient mixing with a reduced quantity of solution.

The PS-3D is small but highly functional, with a low profile and small footprint, fitting neatly into the smallest workspace. The reliable motor produces regulated and reproducible rotating throughout the speed range and, combined with the sturdy construction, will guarantee years of consistent operation. It is also extremely quiet.

Suitable for mixing applications in many different fields, with specific applications including: gel staining and destaining, antibody staining, washes, hybridisations, immuno precipitations, Southern blots, western blots, in situs.

  • Variable speed: 15 to 30 rpm
  • Fixed 7° tilt angle
  • Loads up to 0.5 kg


  • The gentle movement is ideal for staining gels without destroying the gel edges, or for keeping fragile tissue intact during incubations.
  • Smooth, reliable, extremely quiet motor; low power consumption
  • Simple speed adjustment - from 15 to 30 rpm 200 x 200 mm platform accommodates most commonly used vessels.
  • Smooth, non-slip mat supplied as standard – prevents vessels from slipping
  • Compact, sturdy construction with a low profile and small footprint – fits neatly into the smallest workspace.
  • Low voltage power supply provides for safe cold room operation and low energy consumption.


Speed   rpm
15 to 30
Tilt angle   °
Ambient temperature range   °C
4 to 40
Maximum load   kg
Platform working area w/d mm
Footprint w/d mm
Overall height   mm
Input voltage   V
Input type    
Input current   A

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