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Transportable Incubator

Convenient battery-powered transportable incubator, based on a dry block heating system, for transporting biological samples at 37°C.

The system is extremely easy to use – simply plug into the mains, set the required temperature and allow the unit to heat up. Once the set temperature is reached and the unit is disconnected, the fully charged internal battery will maintain the temperature for 4 to 5 hours and, if necessary, can be recharged by plugging into a vehicle cigar lighter socket.

Ideal for applications requiring portable temperature control within the range of ambient plus 5 to 45°C.

Suitable for veterinary IVF and AI.

  • Temperature range ambient plus 5 to 45°C
  • Stability within the tube ±0.1°C, uniformity ±0.2°C
  • Digital setting and display for accuracy and reproducibility of set temperature
  • Capacity for up to 18 x 16mm Falcon tubes – other options available
  • Internal battery – charged from mains or vehicle cigar lighter socket (leads supplied)
  • Features

    • Dry block heating system ensures a clean environment with less chance of contamination.
    • Blocks are interchangeable to provide flexibility. The standard block supplied holds up to 18 x 16mm Falcon tubes. Alternatively you can specify your own.
    • Small, rugged, easy-to-clean carrying case with a comfortable carrying handle and a latching lid to keep contents safe.
    • The bright LED display constantly displays actual temperature for at-a-glance reassurance.
    • An overtemperature cut-out keeps the samples safe from overheating.


    Temperature range °C
    ambient plus 5 to 45
    Stability (DIN 58966) °C
    ±0.1 (tube)
    Uniformity °C
    3-digit LED
    Display resolution °C
    Heater power, 220/240V W
    Heat up time, ambient to 37°C mins
    Heat retention, ambient 20°C internal battery power, 37°C
    5 hrs
      internal battery power, 45°C
    4 hrs
    Heating block, l/w/h mm
    Electrical power, 220-240V 50/60Hz W
    Vehicle battery supply 12 V DC W
    Internal battery supply 12V AH
    Ambient temperature °C
    10 to 30

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