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Labwise™ software for control and analysis

Grant Labwise™ software and the high performance Grant Optima™ GR150 and GP200 thermostatic controllers together form a powerful combination which makes set-up, monitoring and data logging straightforward.

Labwise™ also features real-time status windows, a graphic display of the controller’s performance as a program is run, and allows data to be logged for future recall and analysis.


  • set temperature
  • set high and low alarms; alarms can be configured to switch a relay
  • set reaction timer
  • set delayed start and stop time
  • control of output relays for refrigeration on/off control and operating ancillary equipment
  • control of pump speed for Grant GP200 thermostatic control unit

Labwise™ programming features

  • set cool or heat time to target
  • program values may be set graphically or numerically
  • up to 30 segments per program
  • set number of loops, 1 to 254 or infinite looping between selected way points
  • programmed control of output relays for each segment, for operating ancillary equipment
  • control of pump speed for Grant GP200 immersion thermostat

Labwise™ display and logging features

  • display of temperature/time profile on screen in real time
  • real time zoom and scaling of graphical display
  • logging of temperature profiles to disk for storage and subsequent analysis
  • store programs to disk


The Labwise™ software runs on a PC (Pentium II with Windows 95 or higher) and is suitable for use with Grant GR150 and GP200 series controllers/baths.

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