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Salinity Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation & Water Resistant) MASTER-S10α

This instrument is designed to control the concentration of saltwater, such as in cooking or rinsing seafood, and utilizes a new material that is durable against salty and acidic samples. It is Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) model with water resistant properties (IP65).

Model MASTER-S10α Cat.No. 2471
Scale range Sodium chloride 0.0 to 10.0%
(Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Minimum Scale Sodium chloride 0.1%
Measurement Accuracy ±0.2% (10 to 30°C) International Protection Class  IP65 (except eye piece)
Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
Size & Weight 3.2×3.4×20.3cm, 105g
Optional * Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details.
Parts Milky White Daylight Plate For MASTER series : RE-2471-56M

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