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Portable Polarimeter Po-1

World's Smallest and Speedy Portable Polarimeter.

World's smallest and speedy portable polarimeter.

No observation tube necessary. Only 3ml volume is required for measurements.



Model PO-1

Cat. No. 5050

Measurement items  Angle of Rotation (Angle of rotation convertion to 100mm and 200mm optical path

length)', Specific Rotation, Concentration, Temperature

Range Angle of Rotation :

These ranges are measured by the device's 20mm light path

These are convertible to belong ranges :

-25.0 to +25.0° with a 100mm observation tube

-50.0 to +50.0° with a 200mm observation tube 

Temperature : 5.0 to 40.0°C

Accuracy  Angle of Rotation (°) : ±0.1° (at 20°C)

Wavelength  589nm

Measurement Time  About 7 seconds

Power Supply Size AAA alkalibe battery x 4

International Protection Class IP67

Dimensions & Weight 160X101X38mm, 325g (main unit only)



- Standard liquid RePo-series : RE-99110

- MAGIC for RePo : RE-79000

- RePo Small Volume Adapter : RE-72093

- RePo Reduced Optical Path Adapter 5mm : RE-72094

- RePo Reduced Optical Path Adapter 5mm (Adapter only) : RE-72095

- RePo Reduced Optical Path Adapter 5mm (Glass Cell only) RE-72096

- RePo Reduced Optical Path Adapter 10mm : RE-72097

- RePo Reduced Optical Path Adapter 10mm (Adapter only) : RE-72098

- RePo Reduced Optical Path Adapter 10mm (Glass Cell only) : RE-72099

- Bekare 100mL : RE-79423

- Syringe Filter Orange 45 (100pcs) : RE-79420

- Syringe 20mL (3pcs) : RE-79421

- Easy filter (100pcs) : RE-79422

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