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Aurora 1030C (TNb) Module    

Aurora 1030C (TNb) Module



Direct measurement of Total Nitrogen (TNb) concentration in aqueous samples
Faster analysis time than Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) testing (10–15 minutes versus 2–3 hours)
High temperature combustion used in the Aurora TNb is more effective for difficult sample matrices such as brines and particulates
Eliminates labor and hazardous chemical exposure associated with TKN digestion
TNb module mounts onto the Aurora 1030C TOC Analyzer, requiring no additional lab benchspace



Measuring the total bound nitrogen (TNb) content of water samples provides an indication of the amount of pollutants present in those samples. Total bound nitrogen consists of dissolved ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, amines, and other nitrogen-containing compounds.

The TNb analysis module is an optional accessory for the Aurora 1030C TOC analyzer that allows measurement of total bound (inorganic and organic) nitrogen (excluding N2) concentrations in aqueous samples. Total nitrogen can be measured simultaneously during NPOC and TC analysis or as a separate function when operated in the TNb analysis mode.


Operating Principle

The high temperature combustion process of the Aurora 1030C TOC
analyzer oxidizes compounds containing carbon into CO2 and compounds
containing nitrogen into NO. Oxygen or air carrier gas transports these
reaction gases to tandem detectors. First, an infrared (IR) detector
measures CO2 and calculates the mass and concentration of carbon from
the sample. The reaction gases are then carried into the TNb analysis
module where an electrochemical sensor measures NO in the gas stream
and reports the concentration of nitrogen from the sample.



Measurement Principle

NO measurement using an electrochemical sensor

Measurement Range

100 ppb–1,000 ppm

Correlation Coefficient



3% RSD or ±25 ppb, whichever is greater

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