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Model 1096+ XYZ TOC Autosampler

Model 1096+ XYZ TOC Autosampler


Automates introduction of 96 samples to the Aurora 1030 TOC Analyzer
Configurable for pre-acidification and sparging of sample TIC content within the autosampler to reduce TOC analysis time
Integral wash station performs programmable rinse steps to clean sampling needle and prevent cross-contamination
Supports sampling from open vials and septum piercing of sealed vials



The 1096+ XYZ Autosampler is fully compatible for operation with an Aurora 1030 TOC Analyzer. The 1096 autosampler aspirates liquid samples from vials and transfers each sample aliquot to an Aurora 1030 TOC analyzer for analysis. The autosampler holds four 24-vial trays and a 12-vial standards tray for fully automated, unattended operation.

The 1096 supports a number of special functions to address a range of sample conditions and analysis requirements. System configuration for sample pretreatment allows pre-acidification and purging of samples on the 1096 prior to sampling. This technique removes the TIC content of samples, reducing the analysis time required for TOC measurements. Septum piercing allows closed vial sampling for applications where open vials may compromise the accuracy of measurements.


Operating Principle

The sampling sequence of the 1096 autosampler is user-programmed through
the Aurora 1030 touchscreen display. The autosampler arm moves the sampling
needle to the X-Y position above a sample vial. The Z-mechanism lowers the
sampling needle into the vial and aspirates the specified sample volume and
transfers it to the reaction chamber of Aurora 1030. Following the sample
transfer step, the sampling needle returns to a wash station to be rinsed. A userprogrammable
number of rinses are performed to clean the needle before the
next vial is sampled.




64.8 cm H x 52.7 cm W x 49.5 cm D


(25.5” H x 20.8” W x 19.5” D)


11.8 kg (26 lbs)

Benchspace Footprint

2,506 cm2 (389.5 in2)


10–30 °C operating temperature


0–95% relative humidity

Sample Capacity

96 sample vials


12-position standard tray

Sampling Needle

8.4”, two-hole, stainless steel

Sample Transfer Tubing

0.045” I.D. x 1/8” O.D. Teflon®



40-mL VOA vials



Open-hole caps



TFE-faced septa


Sample Transfer Volume Range

10 μL–10 mL


Particulate Handling

Up to 500 μm


Special Functions

Sample pre-treatment for TIC removal


Septum piercing

Power Supply

Universal Input 100–240 VAC (±10%); 50/60 Hz; 80 W


RS-485 (Aurora 1030 analyzer to 1096 autosampler)




12 months on parts and labor

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