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WTW Sludge Level Measurement

IFL 700 IQ for sludge level measurement

IFL 700 IQ for sludge level measurement

  • Ready-to-go
  • Detailed display of echo profile
  • Maintenance-free cleaning system
  • Intelligent signal processing
  • Direct connection to the IQ SENSOR NET System 2020XT

Intelligent signal processing - The sensor has a special pattern recognition and can thus distinguish between the sludge level and unwanted signals. Using the automatic analysis and self-learning function, the undesired sequences can then be faded out automatically during the measurement mode. The results are always reliable measurements.

Technical data for IFL 700 IQ

Measuring method Ultrasonic echo measurement
Measuring range 0.4 m - 15 m
Accuracy 0.1 m
Immersion depth min. 5 cm; max. 3 m

Reliable ultrasonic measuring principle

The IFL 700 IQ is based on the ultrasonic measuring principle, wherein the determination of the sludge level over the duration of the echo is determined. Unlike optical sludge level measurement systems, this continuous measurement principle offers important benefits such as low operating costs, less maintenance and higher data availability.

Unique maintenance-free cleaning system

The contact-free cleaning system consists of high quality materials such as titanium and Grivory. Because of the technical design, the system is maintenance free. Therefore an annual replacement of seals or the scraper is not required. The necessary cleaning frequency is automatically adjusted by the sensor.

Specific accessories

he deflector armature IFL D

The sludge level sensor gets optimum protection and the passing scrapers can pass without effort.

Rail mount IFL RM (in combination with IFL-D)

The sensor can also be placed over the settling hoppers with greater distance from the edge of the tank.

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