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Atago Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-5000α-Bev

The NEW RX-5000α-Bev is a re-designed version of the conventional RX-5000α. A flat sample stage replaced the sample well to make it easier to wipe off the sample and to allow for a faster and easier clean up. The RX-5000α-Bev is ideal for measuring beverages and is equipped with all the standard features of the RX-5000α.

Model RX-5000α-Bev Cat.No. 3271
Measurement Range Refractive index (nD) : 1.32700 to 1.58000
Brix : 0.00 to 100.00%
( 5 to 60°C ATC)
Minimum indication Refractive index (nD) : 0.00001
Brix : 0.01%
Temperature: 0.01°C
Measurement Accuracy Refractive index (nD) : ±0.00004
Brix : ±0.03%
Measurement Temperature 5 to 60°C
Repeatability Refractive index : ±0.00002
Brix : ±0.01%
Mode 3 types
Power Supply AC100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 65VA Dimensions & weight 37×26×14cm, 6.4kg
(Main Unit only)
Output terminals • Printer (for ATAGO digital printers)
• Computer - RS-232C
    Connection to a USB port requires a USB to RS-232 adapter (optional)
Optional • Digital printer DP-RX : Cat.No.3121
• Digital printer DP-RD : Cat.No.3122
* Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details.
Parts • Cover plate for RX-5000α-Bev : RE-65159
• Printer paper (regular) for DP-RX : RE-8412
• Printer paper (long-term storage) for DP-RX : RE-8414
• Printer paper for DP-RD : RE-89403
• Ribbon cassette for DP-RD : RE-89402
• Fan Filter Replacement : RE-58001

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