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Frontier™ Duo Fume Hoods

The Esco Frontier Duo Fume Hood offers a solution representing design and engineering innovations that are at the forefront of fume hood technology, providing superior containment of noxious chemical fumes at a broad range of face velocities while addressing worker comfort through ergonomic design. Work zone baffles and aerodynamic airfoil are designed with computational fluid dynamics to enhance safety.

Key Benefits:
  • ASHRAE 110 certified / EN14175 certified
  • Clean looking aesthetics
  • 8 degree sloped front
  • High performance
  • Affordable price


  • Internal liner constructed of phenolic resin laminates with no exposed screws / metal to avoid corrosion hassle
  • Black colored phenolic resin work surface resists staining
  • Removable spill retention tray under the hinged airfoil
  • A fully configurable optional Sentinel microprocessor control with audible and visual alarms for unsafe conditions
  • Integral fluorescent lighting mounted out of the air stream for better airflow uniformity
  • Instant-start electronically ballasted 5000k lighting system: 780 Lux intensity, flicker-free, isolated from workzone
  • Isocide Antimicrobial coating on the cabinet prevents surface contamination and inhibits bacterial growth
  • Standard vertical rising fail-safe counter-balanced laminated glass sash
  • Electrical system designed to meet the latest international regulations and standards for safety
  • Standard service fixtures include 1 water fixture, 1 gas fixture and 2 electrical outlets
Model No. External
Dimensions (mm)
Dimensions (mm)
Velocity (Inflow)
EFD-4A1 1200 x 806.5 x 1500 996 x 606 x 1212 0.50 m/s
220-240V 50 Hz
EFD-5A1 1500 x 806.5 x 1500 1296 x 606 x 1212 0.50 m/s
220-240V 50 Hz
EFD-6A1 1800 x 806.5 x 1500 1596 x 606 x 1212 0.50 m/s
220-240V 50 Hz
EFD-8A1 2400 x 806.5 x 1500 2196 x 606 x 1212 0.50 m/s
220-240V 50 Hz

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