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Moisture Balance MAC

Moisture analyzers are measuring instruments designed specially for determination of moisture content in relatively small samples of various substances.

Moisture analyzer MAC features:
·easy operation provided by backlit LCD display
·drying profiles (standard, mild, step, rapid).
·finish mode (manual, humidity stabilization, automatic, time defined).
·GLP/GMP printouts and reports
·halogen or infrared lamps
·standard and non-standard applications
·optimization of work due to halogen lamps mode

Maximal capacity of moisture analyzer series MAC ranges from 50 g /1 mg to 210 g/1 mg. Moisture content is measured with accuracy 0,01% (0,001% for samples up to 1,5g). Maximal drying temperature equals 160°C (an extra cost option is moisture analyzer with drying temperature upgraded to250°C).

Each moisture analyzer is equipped with aluminum weighing pan with dimensions ø 90mm.

A moisture analyzer with a specially designed kit enables determining water wapour permeablitity through samples of different substances.

Technical data: MAC 50/1/NH
MAC 50/1/WH
MAC 50/1/NP
MAC 110/NH
MAC 110/WH
MAC 110/NP
MAC 210/NH
MAC 210/WH
MAC 210/NP
Max capacity 50 g 50 g 110 g 210 g
Reading unit 0,1 mg 1 mg 1 mg 1 mg
Tare range -50 g -50 g -110 g -210 g
Max mass of sampling 50 g 50 g 110 g 210 g
Accuracy of moisture reading 0,0001 % 0,001 %
Repeatability +/-0,24% (sample < 2g), +/-0,06% (sample 2-10g), +/-0,04% (sample > 10g)
Maximal height of the tested sample h= 20 mm
Pan size ø 90 mm, h= 8 mm
Range of drying temperature max. 160° C (NH and NP version)
max. 250° C (WH version)          
Hitting module halogen (NH and WH version)      
IR emitter (NP version)               
Drying modes 4 drying modes (standard, quick,stepped, mild)
Auto switch off options 3 modes(manual, automatic, time defined)
Aditional functions sample identification
Power of heating device 400 W
Working temperature +10° - +40 °C
Power supply 110 - 240V, 50 - 60 Hz AC
Display LCD (backlit)
Net weight/Gross weight 4,9/7 kg
Packaging size 520×390×435 mm

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