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Spectrophotometer PhotoLab 6100 and PhotoLab 6600

he spectrophotometers of the photoLab® 6000 series for VIS and UV/VIS range offer the unique combination of systematic and spectral analysis with the proven analytical quality assurance AQA and the convenience of a filter photometer.

photoLab® 6000 Series

  • 190 – 1100 nm
  • Innovative optics
  • Intuitive interface
  • Extensive AQA

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology all photoLab® 6000 models are complete with optimized operation – fast, direct and intuitive:

  • Menu navigation for all applications for concise operation
  • Large, backlit graphic display, for simple graphical evaluation
  • Direct access to functions such as menu related settings, dilution, quotation mode using function keys
  • Selection tables for convenient selection and search of data, parameters, methods etc.
  • Data filter for selective choice of measuring data sets
  • Masks for easy handling and measuring of user defined methods
  • USB for all data transfers
Model photoLab® 6100 (VIS) photoLab® 6600 (UV/VIS)
Wavelength range 320 - 1100 nm 190 - 1100 nm
Technique Single Beam with AutoCheck (time-shifted reference) Single Beam with AutoCheck (time-shifted reference)
Lamp Tungsten Xenon Flashlamp
Wavelength resolution /
1nm; ± 1nm 1nm; ± 1nm
Scan speed Approx. 334 nm/min resp. 5.6 nm/sec Approx. 455 nm/min resp. 7.6 nm/sec
Band width 4 nm 4 nm

Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) – From self monitoring to large laboratory environment

  • Extensive equipment testing
  • MatrixCheck
  • Extended user administration
The instrument supported Analytical Quality Assurance has become a must across all industries to guarantee plausible and correct measuring results. The photoLab® 6000 series supports the AQA for checking the instrument and for individual routine measurements. The administration of user groups for large laboratory environments including administrative, user and guest profiles is also supported. The AQA feature can be switched on or off.

Calibration intervals for instrument and test kits

  • PhotoCheck: Instrument check including linearity at 3 wavelengths and 4 measuring points
  • Grey filter and UV-VIS test standards
  • Standards for single parameters and combined checks
  • Matrix check with spiking

Data management with USB

  • Measurement data, spectra, and kinetics
  • Software and method updates

photoLab® 6000 series is equipped with three interfaces: USB-A to connect printer, barcode reader and USB stick, USB-B for PC-connection and an RS 232 interface. Thus, the data exchange via USB is extremely convenient.

photoLab® 6000 series en-route – convenient portable operation

A spectrophotometer is typically used in the laboratory, although it is convenient when it can also be operated on-site. For on-site use, it is important to have safe transport, a sheltered area and a corresponding measuring preparation with warm up period and zeroing after transport. The light-weight and easy-to-operate photoLab® 6000 series is flexible when on-site operation is required. A sturdy carrying case, and a 12 V adapter cable for connection to a typical car battery are available options.

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