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Salinity Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation & Water Resistant) MASTER-S28α

The units can be used for controlling the concentration of saltwater used in rinsing seafood or salinity in cooking. NEW material (which is durable for salty and acid sample) is adopted. It is an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) model with water resistant properties (IP65).

Model MASTER-S28α Cat.No. 2481
Scale range Sodium chloride 0.0 to 28.0%
(Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Minimum Scale Sodium chloride 0.2%
Measurement Accuracy ±0.2% (10 to 30°C) International Protection Class  IP65 (except eye piece)
Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
Size & Weight 3.2×3.4×20.3cm, 105g
Optional • Daylight plate for small volume samplings for MASTER series : RE-2391-50M (Except viscosity sample)
* Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details.
Parts Daylight plate for MASTER series : RE-2391-59M

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