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HSG-C Heat Sealing Machine

The HSG-C is designed for testing the heat sealability of varnished or coated films. The HSG-C has a removable pair of sealing jaws which temperature may be individually set between ambient temperature and 300°C. In addition, you may control the dwell time and the sealing force. The actual and set temperatures as well as the dwell time and sealing force are shown in the display.

If your lab is not equipped with a compressed-air supply, use our special HSG-C Compressor Version. You may wish to obtain our special software to evaluate the results for documentation purposes. For sealing jaws with a smooth surface the sealing pressure will be automatically calculated and displayed from the set sealing force.

Test the seam strength of the sealed samples with our Universal Tensile Tester VNG-E.

An optional Hot Tack Device can be obtained as an accessory.

Also, an optional load cell enables you to adjust the force display any time. You may adjust the Temperature, Force and Time parameters with our newly developed HSG-P testing device.

Test method
Simulation of a head sealing equipment to determine the best sealing parameters
Compressed-air supply
max. 10 bar
Seal jaws
150 x 100 mm² smooth(standard). Other specifications upon request
Seal temperature
From ambient temperature up to 300°C max. (top and bottom sealing jaws can be separately adjusted)
< 1.5% FS
Sealing force
40N up to 990N for the entire sealing area
Tolerance < 1.5% FS
Dwell time
0.1 - 50.0 s
Tolerance 0.3% FS
PC interface
serial standard interface RS232, 9.600 Baud
Interface for force adjustment
Internal protocol
68 x 35 x 44 cm
Storage temperature
0°C - 50°C
Working temperature
15°C - 35°C
Relative humidity
max. 80%, non-condensing
Electrical connection HSG-C
230 V / 50 - 60Hz, power consumption ca. 500W, approx.
Following ASTM F 2029 - 00


Required Accessories

  • Sealing jaws

Optional Accessories

  • Other sealing jaws
  • Hot Tack
  • Strip Cutter
  • HSG-P
  • Load Cell
  • Software
  • PC Equipment
  • Printer

Laboratory Requirements

  • Mains Connection
  • Compressed-Air connector ( 6 - 10 bar )

Expendables and recommended spares

  • PT 100
  • Sealing jaws
  • Fixing Springs for the sealing unit
  • Heating cartridge
  • fuses

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HSG-P Calibration System
Hot Tack Attachment
NDS - Low - Pressure Heat Sealer
STR - Strip Cutter


HSG-C - Heat-Sealing Machine with Compressor
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