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pHotoFlex®: The Portable Photometers

Portable Photometers: Whatever the Application

The pHotoFlex® series offers the most robust optics, combining precision with low power consumption achieved through optical filters together with the LEDs. The instruments are equipped with 6 wavelengths. Additionally, the pH measuring and the optional turbidity measuring (IR range) are integrated, making these instruments the perfect partners for all measurements in the field: in a wastewater plant for wastewater and reference measurements, in drinking water analysis at a wellhead or in a cistern, and for monitoring bodies of water. They are versatile, low current and offer many extra features.

pHotoFlex® – Portable Photometer with pH

PhotoFlex pH
  • More than 160 methods available
  • Integrated pH measurement
  • Color measurements

The portable photometer pHotoFlex® demonstrates its capability with complex tasks in environmental and process monitoring at a variety of sites.
The integrated pH function allows measurements of pH 0 ... 16 with automatic buffer recognition (TEC/NIST). Temperature compensation is automatic within the permitted range of – 5 ... 100 °C (23 … 212 °F). WTW‘s MultiCal®-routine allows the automatic calibration with up to 3 calibration points. WTW offers a large selection of pH sensors as optional accessories: For field use, the maintenance-free SenTix® 41 is recommended, whereas for precision measurements in the laboratory, the SenTix® 81 glass electrode could be used. The electrodes are described in detail in the pH measuring chapter.

Light source   LED
Wavelengths nm   436, 517, 557, 594, 610, 690
User-defined methods   100
Methods/software update   via Internet
Data storage   1000 data sets
pH   0-16
Accuracy Photometry

<2 nm wavelength accuracy,
0.005 abs. reproducibility
±0.01 pH

pHotoFlex® Turb – Total Capability

PhotFlex Turb
  • ike pHotoFlex®, additionally:
  • Turbidity measurement according to DIN 27027/ ISO 7027
  • 0-1100 NTU/FNU
  • Calibration kit (0.02-10-1000 NTU)

The pHotoFlex® Turb is analogous to the pHotoFlex®, but includes an infrared (IR) light source for nephelometric turbidity measurement (90°), according to the requirements of DIN 27027/ISO 7027. Its precision is comparable to laboratory instruments for turbidity measurement.
The calibration with the supplied AMCO Clear® standards and measured data can be documented and output via RS232.
The AMCO Clear® standards enable highest precision for the sensitive testing of drinking water.

Light source   LED
Wavelengths nm   436, 517, 557, 594, 610, 690 + 860
User-defined methods   100
Methods/software update   via Internet
Data storage   1000 data sets
pH   0-16
Turbidity   0-1100 NTU/FNU
Accuracy Photometry

pH / Turbidity
< 2 nm wavelength accuracy,
0.005 abs. reproducibility
±0.01 pH
0.01 NTU/FNU or ±2% of the measured value

pHotoFlex® series in a convenient field case

PhotoFlex Case
  • The “in-field laboratory”
  • Integrated tray
  • Convenient
PhotFlex® series in a convenient field case: A small lab for in-field use. The integrated tray features places for the instrument, cuvettes, measuring beaker and a stand for the pH electrode, making it practical for transport. Complete sets with:
  • pH electrode SenTix® 41 for all pHotoFlex® models
  • 1 variable pipette with 5 ml volume for all pHotoFlex® models
  • Calibration standards for pHotoFlex® Turb and Turb® 430 IR/T
  • LSdata for convenient data management and definition of user-defined methods.
  • Many useful accessories: empty cuvettes, buffer solutions with pH 4.01 and 7.00, PC cable AK Labor 540 B, stand for the pH electrode, cleaning tissues, screwdriver for battery change
  • Space for other accessories


PhotoLab Station

The LabStation – holding the instrument – upgrades the portable pHotoFlex® and Turb® 430 models to a small laboratory solution. The LabStation also serves as charging station for the included rechargeable battery set.

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