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MultiLab® pilot communication Software

WTW software - Simple and comfortable

MultiLab® pilot, the communication program specially create for inoLab® 740/750 and Multi 350i. For these instruments MultiLab® pilot  is not just limited to comfortable on-line data transfer, but can also control the active multifuction box or the Multi 350i.

MultiLab® pilot  can also be used to comfortable data transfer with the inoLab® 730, handheld meters MultiLine P3, P4 and 340/340i and other instruments.


  • Digital on-line recorder
  • Export function for Word, Excel, Access and other programs.
  • Free-of-charge download from internet
Minimum system requirements

Hardware :
IBM-compatible PC with 486DX processor, 8 MB RAM, 20 MB free memory, VGA/SVGA graphics board, CD-ROM drive, one free interface (RS 232) for each connected instrument

Software :
Windows 95

MultiLab® pilot, the free-of-charge software package for all laboratory, handheld and field instruments, can be downloaded from internet.

MultiLab® pilot controls the measurement and carries out data transfer and storage. The data can be shown online as a table or graph or off-line transfered to a printer. The InoLab 740/750 and Multi 350i can be controlled active.

Well laid out

All display modules are arranged as independent windows which can be moved about as required. Each window has its own menu bar with which settings for the measurement can be made quickly and conveniently. Additional graphic sysmbols, on-line help texts and a large measurement display round out the picture.


A comfortable digital recorder is used as a graphic support for data monitoring in rel-time mode. Apart from zoom and scrolling functions, individual values can be displayed or limiting values laid down via the cursor.

Instrument Model Suitable accessories Instrument Model Suitable accessories
Cond 197i b (4),(5) Oxi 325 u (4),(5)
Cond 340i b (4),(5) Oxi 340 b (4),(5)
inoLab® 730 b (4) Oxi 340i b (4),(5)
inoLab® 740 f (4) Oxi 538 u (4),(5)
inoLab® 750 f (4) Oxi 597 u (4),(5)
inoLab® Level 2 b (4) pH 197i b (4),(5)
inoLab® Level 3 f (4) pH 197 u (4),(5)
LF 197 u (4),(5) pH 325 u (4),(5)
LF 325 u (4),(5) pH 340 b (4),(5)
LF 340 b (4),(5) pH 340i b (4),(5)
LF 538 u (4),(5) pH 340/ION b (4),(5)
LF 597 u (4),(5) pH 538 u (4),(5)
Multi 197i b (4),(5) pH/Cond 340i b (4),(5)
MultiLine® P3 pH/LF b (4),(5) pH/ION 340i b (4),(5)
MultiLine® P3 pH/Oxi b (4),(5) pH/Oxi 340i b (4),(5)
MultiLine® P4 b (4),(5)  
Multi 340i b (4),(5) (4)=AK 340/B b=bidirectional
Multi 350i f (4) (5)= AK 325/S f=can be remote controlled
Oxi 197i b (4),(5)   u=undirectional
Oxi 197 u (4),(5)  

Communication Program ACHAT OC
For BOD Measurement with OxiTop® Control

Stored measuring data can be transferred simple and comfortable from the OxiTop® Control system to a PC with the communication program ACHAT OC. These transferred data con be processed by PC or the controller OC 100/OC 110.

Min software requirement : Windows 3.1 update options on request.
Necessary accessories     : Connection cable AK 540/B.

PC Software Multi/ACHAT II
for connection with WTW-Photometers

  • dBase format
  • Sorting according to measurement parameter
  • Windows program with context-sensitive menus and help programs

WTW offers the Multi/ACHAT II PC software program so that stored measuring data can be transferred simply and comfortably from the instrument to a PC for documentation and statistical evaluation

Ordering Information

           MultiLab® pilot Order No.
KOM pilot Communication package, consisting of 1 x MultiLab® pilot and 1 AK 340/B 902 915
AK M-PC Adapter cable for connecting a PC to the multifunction box, incl. MultiLab® pilot 902 901
AK T-PC Interface cable for connecting the inoLab® 740/Level 3 terminal to the PC 902 902
           Multi/ACHAT II  
Multi/ACHAT II Software for PC under Windows, German and English 902 750
KOM Labor Communication package, consisting of : 1 x Multi/ACHAT II and 1 AK Labor 902 754
AK Labor Interface cable for connecting instrument to a PC via the RS 232, interface including 9/25 pin adapter and operating instructions 902 758
          ACHAT OC  
ACHAT OC PC communication program for Controller OxiTop® OC 100 for further processing of measuring data 208 990
AK 540/B Interface cable for conneting instrument to a PC via RS 232, interface including  9/25 pin adapter and operating instructions 902 842

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