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Appearance (0)
Appearance is the common situation where surface influences meet visual differences in perception of gloss and color. The impact of different gloss levels does have a great influence on a product as well on its color.
Density (0)
The density of paint will depend on their ingredients in the paint. Density is also known as specific gravity or mass per unit volume.
Material Thickness (0)
Material thickness is often confused with coating thickness. With layer thickness we speak about one or multiple layers attached to a substrate. With material thickness we speak about the actual thickness of the substrate.
Moisture (0)
The term "Moisture is often confused with "humidity". Humidity or better relative humidity is defined as "the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapour in the mixture to the saturated vapour pressure of water of a prescribed temp.
Porosity (0)
Coatings applied can have irregularities due to different circumstances. Surface uncleanness, paint differences and dust or air bubbles enclosed can cause pinholes, thin spots, cracks etc.
Surface Cleanliness, Profile, Roughness (0)
A clean and well prepared surface is crucial for a successful coating performance. The pre-treatment process of an industrial coating job often
Temperature (0)
Temperature is one of the most important parameters in about every process. It is a physical property of matter that quantitatively expresses the common notions of hot and cold.
Viscosity (0)
Viscosity is a fluid’s property for resistance to flow or deformation. The higher the viscosity of a product the more it will resist to flow.

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