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Soil Sampling Bags

These 6 x 4 inch (15 x 10 cm) plastic zip-lock bags have instructions for collection and preparation of soil samples printed directly on each bag. By preventing contamination or accidental mixing of different samples, these convenient soil bags help insure accurate test results.   Item Description Order Code Soil ... more

Spot Plate • Porcelain, Coors

Glazed throughout with exception of bottom surface. The 112 x 92mm plate is 7mm thick and has twelve wells 5mm ... more

Spot Plate • Plastic, Two-Well

Of white plastic. Two wells. 24mm x 8mm deep. Draining channels 8mm wide x 3mm deep run to smaller wells 10mm diameter x 4mm deep. Plate is 85mm x ... more

Soil Sampler • Model GC-1

Rugged brass auger designed for sampling turfgrass soil, greenhouse soils, or wherever a small core size is desirable; p inch diameter, 6 inch depth (1 x 15 cm). Brass handle doubles as a plunger for core removal.   Item Description Order Code Soil Sampler • Coring Tube, 3 ft (1 m) 1016 Soil Sampler ... more

Soil Sampler - Model EP

The galvanized steel sampler has a saw-toothed cutting edge tapered for easy core removal. The cutaway side of the tube permits inspection of soil core. The Model EP takes a one-inch core sample to a depth of 10 inches (25 cm) and is furnished with 20 LaMotte Soil Sampling ... more

Soil Sampler • Coring Tube, 3 ft (1 m)

This chrome-plated steel sampler takes samples in all types of soils to a depth of 3 feet (1 m). The 12 inch (30 cm) sampling tube has a durable cutting tip and a cutaway wall for inspection and easy removal of the soil core. Attach the tube directly to the 12 inch (30 cm) handle bar or interpose one or both 12 inch (30 cm) extension rods, ... more

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Atago Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-5000α

The RX-5000α ( alpha ) is an automatic digital refractometer which can set measurement temperature internally and has the following features for measuring the refractive index, Brix or concentration of various liquids accurately and speedily • Since the RX-5000α ( alpha ) has a thermo-module to control temperature, a constant ... more

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