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       Signal Processing
A / mA-Converter (1)
The Ampere / mA converter is used for monitoring of motor current where the motor current from one of the phase conductors is converted to a mA signal, so the motor current can be used for control, monitoring and recording.
Supply: 230 V AC or solar cell Output: 13,6 V DC, max. 250mA Din rail mounting Open collector output for batteri monitoring (200146)
Diff-Calculators (1)
Diff-Calc is for calculating the difference between 4 - 20 mA signals from transmitters.
Digital indicators (1)
Digital indicators are used for indication of measured values. The indicators are supplied with LCD or LED display for panel or local mounting (IP 65).
Isolation amplifiers (1)
ISO-POWER Isolation Amplifiers are used for galvanic separation of measuring circuits and power supply to 2-wire and 3-wire transmitters, thus saving a separate power supply.
mA-Bus Converter™ (1)
The MJK mA-Bus Converter™ is used when a measured value from a transmitter with analog mA signal is to be shown on an MJK display or made available to a SCADA system.
Signal Processing (0)
MJK supplies a comprehensive program of signal processing and signal treatment equipment
Surge and lightning protectors (1)
MJK Surge Arresters are used in applications where excessive voltages caused by lightning or other transient voltage can be expected.
Temperature transmitter 561 (1)
The 4-20 mA loop powered temperature transmitter 561 is designed for temperature measurements in sewage plants and in industry.

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