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       Analytical Measurement
Oxix® Dissolved Oxygen transmitter (1)
Oxix® Dissolved Oxygen measurement Transmitter is developed to measure dissolved oxygen in water and wastewater processes. The optical sensor has no consumable parts like membranes or chemicals, and the optical sensor is almost maintenance free.
pHix® Compact, pH, redox and temperature transmitter (1)
pHix® Compact's integral design includes electrodes, fittings, cables and transmitter built together in one unit, eliminating problems associated with bad cable connections or leaky fittings.
SuSix® Turbidity and suspended solids transmitter (1)
For measuring sludge concentration in waste water plants and turbidity at waterworks

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SMART SpectroTM Spectrophotometer

The SMART Spectro is a portable spectrophotometer that is easier to use and more accurate than anything in its price range. With automatic wavelength selection, pre-programmed tests, and superior performance - this is the best spectrophotometer for the money! Over 40 pre-programmed tests included, and 25 user calibrations can be entered into the ... more

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