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Analytical Measurement (3)
MJK Analyzer program - pH-redox and temperature - turbidity and suspended solids - dissolved oxygen
Data Loggers (1)
Chatter® is developed for monitoring and measuring of, among other things, level where no permanent power supply is available. Chatter® contains a built-in multi-channel data logger, a GSM/GPRS modem including a battery which ensures more than 5-year
Flow Measurement (3)
MJK offers a complete series of flow meters and flumes for most flow application. - MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meters - Open Channel Flow Meters - Prefabricated Flumes
Level Measurement (9)
MJK level meters are known for the simple and logical functions. An advanced technoligies and high quality manufacturing proceses, ensure the optimal relationship between performance, quality and price.
Pump Controllers (3)
MJK pump controllers come with either ultrasonic or hydrostatic level sensors, and are very suitable for monitoring and control of levels in tanks and reservoirs.
RTU and controllers (2)
MJK is a leading supplier of RTU units and SCADA equipment for water and wastewater plants. MJK meets the needs of equipment with only a few reception points to larger systems with several hundred substation
Sampling (1)
Liquid Sampler is designed to take samples from lakes, rivers, sewage systems, pumping stations, etc
Signal Processing (8)
MJK supplies a comprehensive program of signal processing and signal treatment equipment: Download Center

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The AVSPro automatic sampler operates according to the most precise method, in terms of physical chemistry, used to determine the viscosity of liquids - the capillary method. Using this method, measurements with an accuracy of more than 0.1% can be achieved. Due to the versatility provided by viscometers with optical and TC sensing systems, an ... more

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