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DUROmaster hardness tester    

The New DUROmaster range of pocket durometers allow reliable hardness determinations to be made quickly and effectively. They are available in two versions, Shore A & Shore D, for the measurement of plastic, rubber and similar materials. Incorporating a clear visible display and a rubber hand grip for ease of use the instruments are supplied ... more

Wolff-Wilborn Pencil Tester    

The purpose of scratch hardness tests is to determine the resistance of coating materials or lacquers to scratch effects on the surface. In the Wolff-Wilborn Test, twenty pencils in the range of grades from 9B to 9H ( ISO 15184 / BS 3900 - E19 ) are used, each being moved over the surface under a fixed pressure and angle to the surface, .The ... more

Pendulum Hardness Rockers    

Internationally approved for examining surface hardness, these instruments consist of a pendulum which is free to swing on two points resting on the coated test panel. An electronic counter records the number of swings made by the pendulum between two angles of displacement. Both Koenig and Persoz types are supplied with an acrylic draught ... more

Hardness Rocker (Sward Type)    

The hardness of organic coatings is compared by counting the number of oscillations made by these wheel type rockers on the test panel. Results are expressed as a percentage of number of oscillations made on plate-glass standard which represents 100%. Supplied with draught-proof plastic hood. Complies with ASTM D2134. Ordering ... more

Barcol Hardness Tester    

This convenient tool is used for testing the hardness of aluminium, copper, brass and a number of other materials including plastics and fibreglass. It can be used on fabricated parts as well as raw material. Features Easy to use - No training or experience required Repeatable - Consistently accurate results each ... more

Scratch Testers    

Specifications allow for use of either the (preferred) mechanised or hand operated apparatus. A test panel is clamped to a slide which slowly withdraws the panel while a needle scratches the surface. Tests are conducted either on a ‘go/no go’ basis using a single specified load or by increasing the load to determine the minimum load ... more

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