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Lamotte Soil Testing »

       Lamotte Soil Testing
Agricultural Outfits (4)
This line of combination soil analysis outfits offers the finest visual color matching system available to today’s agronomist.
Dissolved Salts Meters (2)
For Soluble Salts, or Total Dissolved Salts
Electronic Labs (1)
All of the LaMotte soil test kits measure the portion of the soil nutrient that would be available for the plant to use. Since extraction is not complete, the amount that is measured is relative, dependent on the extraction procedure.
Greenhouse Outfits (3)
Greenhouse Outfits and Plant Tissue Testing
Hydroponic Outfits (4)
Hydroponic Colorimeter Lab, Hydroponic Combination Outfits, Hydroponic 4 in 1 Test Kit, pH Hydroponic Test Kit
Individual Test Kits (4)
offer a convenient and economical way to chek soil
pH Meters (5)
The pH meter is the preferred method for determination of soil pH and the only one adaptable to the buffer methods for determining the lime requirement of a soil
Sampling Equipments (6)
Sampling Equipments for Soil
Turf & Garden Outfits (2)
Ideal For Grounds Maintenance And Landscape Professionals

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