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ColiQuant MF

Micro Testing without a Macro Investment!

Ideal for large quantities of potable water or treated wastewater that contains a low level of coliforms or E. coli. Up to 100 ml of water is filtered through a membrane filter and placed on a Coliscan-MF nutrient rich pad in a Petri dish. 20 test kit. Refill package contains enough materials ... more

Coliquant EZ

Micro Testing without a Macro Investment!

Welcome to the world of microbes-a brand new product line and technology for your comprehensive water quality program. Count the E. coli and coliforms in your favorite swimming hole. Use for ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, ocean water, tap water.   ColiQuant EZ Ideal for sample sizes ... more

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Model 315i, 330i, and 340i

portable and handheld meters

The 315i, 330i and 340i series of handheld meeters provide reliable measurements under difficult conditions both ind the lab and in the field. Lightweight and compact, the series 3xxi meters are impact-resistant, hose-proof to IP 66 and meet the requirement for IP 67 Model 315i Simple Simple operation ... more

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