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       Galvanic PPM Dissolved Oxygen System

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Model 9300 Analyzer and Bouy

The Model 9300 Sensor Buoy System is designed for large pond or lagoon aeration systems where dissolved oxygen monitoring and control is required but the sensor cannot be readily reached for maintenance. With features like programmable totally hands free automatic recalibration and long-term sensor self-cleaning, normal maintenance time for this ... more

Model 9200 Analyzer

The Model 9200 Continuous DO analyzer provides the ultimate level of monitoring accuracy and aeration control available anywhere in the world. The analyzer is provided standard with everything available on the Model 9210/9220. It also offers menu directing setup and trend graphing on the display, simultaneous DO and temperature readout on the ... more

Model 9110/9120/9210/9220 Analyzer

The Royce line of PPM level dissolved oxygen (DO) analyzers is the largest, most varied line in the world. Features like microprocessorbased intelligent electronics, with a choice of rugged, patented self-cleaning sensors, or maintenance free disposable cartridge sensors, make the totally waterproof Royce line of PPM DO analyzers the best ... more

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Air-O-Brinell Metal Hardness Tester Model DS/AOB

Based upon automated indentation diameter detections, not depths, this system accurately calculates and displays Brinell Hardness Values...after test load dwell time...in five seconds or less. It employs a computer, keyboard monitor, and an advanced-design optical system for production testing, report printing and data storage. Will test flats, ... more

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