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       Total Suspended Solids System

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Model 711 Portable Suspended Solids/Interface Level Analyzer (MLSS / ILA)

The Royce Model 711 Portable Suspended Solids/ Interface Level Analyzer is a rugged, waterproof instrument designed for the rigors of remote sampling. The meter provides reliable operation in waste treatment plants, rivers, lakes and other aqueous systems. The meter will read in either grams per liter when in the suspended solids mode or relative ... more

Model 7011A Continuous Total Suspended Analyzer

• Automatic ranging • 10 to 80,000 mg/l • Phased array source for automatic color compensation (Model 73B) • Automatic, push button, insitu calibration to a known value • Automatic ambient light compensation on all models • User selectable calibration curves • Two Programmable setpoint relays • ... more

Model 7110/7120 Series Total Suspended Analyzer

• Single & Dual Channels • Automatic, push button, insitu calibration to a known value • Range 10 – 80,000 mg/l • Measured range depends on sensor • 72 Series: 10 – 1500 mg/l • 73 Series: 300 – 30,000 mg/l • 74 Series: 800 – 80,000 mg/l • 76 Series: 300 – 30,000 ... more

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Personal vortex mixer PV-1

Ideally sized for personal use, the Grant-bio PV-1 vortex mixer is compact, with a low profile and small footprint, to sit in almost any location. The PV-1 is so small that it will fit in your hand – yet there is no compromise on performance. The reliable motor produces regulated and reproducible agitation throughout the speed range. It ... more

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