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          Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Elmasonic E

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Elmasonic E Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath

The new Elmasonic E units are available in 8 different sizes ranging from 0,5 litres to 28 litres. State of the art micro- processor controlled ultrasonic cleaning and sweep technology, easy to use. Further advantages: ● high performance 37 kHz sandwich transducer systems ● cleaning tank made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel ... more

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Multi-parameter instruments pH/Oxi 340i and pH/Cond 340i

Waterproof Robust GLP compliant WTW portable multi-parameter instruments stand for precise multi-parameter measuring technology. The pH/Oxi 340i for the determination of pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature and the pH/Cond 340i for the determination of pH, conductivity and temperature, are alternatives to the single parameter ... more

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