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Benchtop pH/ORP/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter 86505

Laboratory Benchtop Multi parameter

Features: Multi display ph/mv or cond. or tds or salt with temp. & real time stamped Auto or manual range for conductivity, tds and salinity measurement Collect data via rs232 by linking with a pc Automatic buffer recognition to avoid errors during calibration Mmaximum 5 points ... more

Benchtop pH meter 86502

Laboratory Benchtop pH meter

Features Multi display ph/mv, w/temp. & real time stamped Collect data via rs232 by linking with a pc Up to 1999mv measurement range Automatic buffer recognition to avoid errors during calibration Maximum 5 points calibration Hold record ... more

86P3AZ / 86P2AZ / 86P2BZ Electrode pH Meter

LOW COST pH/ mV ELECTRODES ! SELECT FROM 2 IN ONE OR 3 IN ONE EPOXY BODY ELECTRODES ! SELECT FROM AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION OR GENERAL PURPOSE ! Feature All electrodes are supplied with BNC connectors. 86p3AZ-Epoxy-body combination pH electrode with built-in ATC (automatic temperature compensation)(3 in one ).BNC and mini ... more

pH 8601

DUAL DISPLAY pH/mV & TEMP.! AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION ! RS232 INTERFACE ! BACKLIGHT DISPLAY Feature : Dual LCD display shows pH / oF & oF or mV / oF & oF. Automatic Temperature Compensation assures that all readings are corrected to compensate for the effect of temperature. Hold, Max / Min, Record ... more

pH Tester 8690

Waterproof IP67 3-point Calibration (pH 4, 7, 10) Dual Display Temp & pH with ATC pH Electrode replaceable Range: 0.00 -14.00 pH / Resolution 0.01 pH Temp. Compensation: 0 to 50°C Feature : All push button operation, one touch only for automatic calibration, depress another to increase or decrease the calibration ... more

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Atago Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-5000α

The RX-5000α ( alpha ) is an automatic digital refractometer which can set measurement temperature internally and has the following features for measuring the refractive index, Brix or concentration of various liquids accurately and speedily • Since the RX-5000α ( alpha ) has a thermo-module to control temperature, a constant ... more

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