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       Lamotte Pool And Spa Water
          Product for the Pool & Spa Retailer/Professional
DipCell Series (1)
A wide range chlorine DipCell measures Chlorine from 0.5-10 ppm.
Pocket Tester (1)
PockeTestersTM For Quick, Accurate Measurements!
Pool MGR. Series (1)
The special rugged Pool MGR. kit series is for the public pool operator. The precise Octa-Slide comparator system is used to comply with regulatory standards.
POPTOP Insta-Test Strip (5)
Insta-Test® 3-way, 5-way, & Pro-400 Strips Insta-Test® Specialty Test Strips Insta-Test® Merchandising Aids
Pro 250 Series (1)
Every PRO250 SERIES kit includes color-coded caps to prevent mixups, and diagrammed instructions make testing a breeze
Reagent, TesTabs, & DPD (3)
Specialty Series (2)
These specialty test kits allow the user to measure specific and unique tests with increased sensitivity over a desired test range.
TrueView Express (1)
For Reliable Results, Nothing is Faster
Waterlab Kit (1)
This popular lab features the DPC-2 colorimeter which analyzes Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Cyanuric Acid, Copper, and Iron
Waterlink Express (2)
WaterLink Express® Twice as Fast! Twice as Easy!
WaterLink® DataMate 8.0 Software (1)
The DataMate 8.0 software is compatible with the WaterLink® Express and DPC 2 colorimeters. The test results from the colorimeter can be sent directly to the software when the RS-232 connector cable is used, or results can be manually

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