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PRIM & UVI Light Single Beam Spectrophotometer »

       PRIM & UVI Light Single Beam Spectrophotometer
PRIM Spectrophotometer (2)
PRIM LIGHT Visible Spectrophotometer 10 nm and PRIM ADVANCED Visible Spectrophotometer 10 nm
UVI LIGHT Spectrophotometer (4)
The UVI Light range is made up 4 models XS, XT, XTD, & PC, each one declined in 2 and 5 nm bandwidth, 8 models for a broad combination choice.

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Conductivity Neutralizing Solutions

Please see below for discriptions of these individual Conductivity Neutralizing Solutions.   Code Description 3745 Alkalinity Reducing Tablets A convenient tablet containing adipic acid and phenolphthalein. Simply add tablets until the sample changes color. Available in 100 and 1000 tablet ... more

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