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       Meiji Techno Stereo Microscope
Meiji Techno BM and BMK Series Long Arm (2)
BM and BMK Series Long Arm Stereo Microscopes from Meiji Techno are high quality industrial and healthcare stereo microscopes mounted on a 255mm horizontal inclinable arm supported by a 300mm vertical post and heavy cast base.
Meiji Techno GEM Series (2)
Meiji Techno offers two tiers of gemological microscopes based on our versatile EM Series of stereo microscopes
Meiji Techno RZ Series (1)
RZ Stereo Microscopes by Meiji Techno RZ Series Stereo Microscopes are advanced, high-performance, modular, stereo microscopes specifically designed with today's demanding microscopy applications in mind.
Meiji Techno Surface Mount (1)
Industrial SMD Inspection Systems by Meiji Techno are designed specifically for inspecting solder connections of surface mounted or through-hole components on printed circuit boards.
Meiji Techno's EM Series (13)
No other line of stereo microscopes can match the combination of superb optics, rugged dependability, economical, and wide range of accessories.

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