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Meiji Techno Asbestos (2)
PCM phase Contrast and PLM Polarized Light
Meiji Techno Biological Microscopes (7)
Inverted Microscopes and Upright Microscopes
Meiji Techno Cameras (3)
Analog Video Camera, USB Digital Video Camera, and 35mm SLR adapter
Meiji Techno Gemological Microscopes (2)
Gemolocical microscopes, GEM Series, GEM SVH Series, GM Series.
Meiji Techno Gout Testing (1)
Meiji Techno Polarizing microscopes are extremely useful for specialized medical applications, such as identifying gout or CPPD crystals suspended in synovial fluid
Meiji Techno Macro Zoom Lens System (2)
Unimac Series & Short Unimac Series
Meiji Techno Measuring Microscopes (1)
Meiji Techno's MC Series Precision Measuring Systems are composed of high quality metallurgical microscope components, precision X-Y stages and durable heavy duty stands
Meiji Techno Mettalurgical (5)
Inverted IM7000 and Upright Microscopes ML Series
Meiji Techno Polarizing (3)
extremely useful for specialized medical & industrial applications, such as identifying crystals suspended in liquid, identifying minerals in core samples and detecting defects in semiconductors or finding stress points in metal, glass and other material.
Meiji Techno Stereo Microscope (19)
EM Series, RZ series, GEM Stereo, BM & BMK, and Surface Mount
Meiji Techno Video Microscopes (1)
Meiji Techno's VM Series are high resolution video microscopes that offer a large array of features making them perfect for industrial, medical, educational and research applications that require high magnification.

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