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Krebs Viscometer 407

Features Range: 54-140 KU (75-1000 g.) Sturdy mechanical assembly & easy maintenance Easy to read speed indication Good value for money Standard package: Viscometer, paddle rotor, 1 pint (500 ml) / Ø85 mm can, Set of 7 weights (2 x 5g, 1 x 10g, 1 x 25g, 1 x 50g, 2 x 100g, 1 x 200g, 1 x 500g), AC/DC 12V adapter (for digital ... more

Cone and Plate Viscometer

This standard test for dynamic viscosity measurements is now faster and more accurate by use of new high precision microprocessor controls. As non-Newtonian fluids exhibit different viscosities relative to the shear rate applied, the cone and plate viscometer tightly controls it to 10,000S-1 (B.S. requirements) or to 12,000S-1 (ASTM). These are ... more

Digital Rotothinner™

The Rotothinner instrument uses a disc or ball shaped rotor to determine the viscosity of the sample under test. The results are displayed on the LCD screen in POISE units. Rotothinners allow the operator to continuously monitor the sample’s viscosity whilst a solvent or thinner is added. This allows quick correction factors for use in the ... more

Digital Krebs Viscometer 480

Features Single or continuous reading in KU, mPa.s (cP), gram Over-range indication Simple to install rotor spindle into quick release chuck, easy to clean Safety height sensor preventing the rotor from rotating above the can Possibility of multi-point calibration by user with optional key Memory for 9 readings, RS232 serial interface to ... more

Flow Cups - Viscosity Cup

These flow cups cover most of the standards specified in Britain, France, Germany, USA and by ISO. With the exception of Zahn (Brass) type all flowcups are precision machined from high quality aluminium and feature stainless steel nozzle inserts (depending upon the standard specification). Refs. 404, 417 & 419 - " format only " means sizes ... more

Autovisc Flow Cup Timer

The Flow cup timer allows the user to standardise calibration and use of most flow cups, eliminating human error. An integral water jacket is provided for connection to an external waterbath, thus enabling close temperature control to be obtained. The timer is activated automatically as the sample flows past an optical sensor. As soon as a break ... more

Calibration Oils

Features These oils are suitable for the calibration of all flow cups and rotational viscometers Each oil is supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards In addition to the standard range, many other values are available, covering a wide range of applications Ref 440 Standard Range of 20 oils, 0.5 ... more

Flow cup stands

Features Holds all cups ( except 405, 420 range ) level for optimum results. Supplied with bubble level Ordering Information Code No. Description 418 Flow cup stand - height adjustable supplied with spirit level 418/LC Low cost flow cup stand supplied with spirit ... more

Digital Viscometer

The new Viscomaster ( "Brookfield Type" ) viscometer is the ideal solution for performing precise viscosity measurements quickly and efficiently. Its ease of use and versatility enable it to be used in many industrial applications where the determination of fluid properties and behaviour is essential. The principle of measurement is simple , but ... more

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Atago Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-007α (alpha)

The NEW RX-007α (alpha) is suitable for measuring water soluble samples with very low concentrations (5.000% or less) such as tea (green tea, black tea, oolong tea) and low sugar beverages at a very high accuracy of ±0.005%. Model RX-007α Cat.No. 3921 Measurement Range Brix 0.000 to 5.000% Refractive index ... more

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