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       Sheen Specific Gravity, Density

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Pressure Pyknometer Cup

This instrument is suitable for testing samples which may contain bubbles e.g. emulsion paints. The sample is compressed to 150 psi (10.3 bar) to reduce any significant errors due to these inclusions. Density is then calculated from the mass of the fluid and the calibrated volume of the cylinder. The cup is easy to use and clean and is capable of ... more

Specific Gravity Cups ( Pyknometers )

For the determination of the specific gravity of paints and similar materials. Precision machined from stainless steel or from anodised aircraft alloy. They are light, robust and are available with counterpoise tare weights if required. Complies with BS 3900;Part A19, ISO 2811, DIN 53217, ASTM D 1475 Ordering Information Code ... more

Digital Densitometer

The new DMA 35N handheld digital density meter defines the state of the art in portable density measurement. Designed for use in the most demanding industrial environments, the DMA 35N gives you the density, specific gravity or % concentration of your sample. Simply press the lever on the built-in pump and within seconds the results are shown on ... more

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Upson Board

Upson Board - Fiberboard Panels Fiberboard panels, 3/16 inch thick, provide a surface appropriate for test applications of wall paint. Form No. Size Box Quantity Weight Per Box inches mm R6-612 6 x 12 152 x 305 150 40 lb R6-912 9 x 12 229 x 305 100 40 ... more

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