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Glossmaster™ Gloss Meter

The New Sheen GLOSSmaster range of glossmeters have been designed mainly with the user in mind. Now offering greater versatility and ease of use, these instruments have far superior data handling capabilities than ever before. With three angles in one robust, lightweight, portable package the GLOSSmaster range will easily tackle most gloss ... more

Minigloss Gloss Meter

This pocket sized glossmeter is designed to meet all the requirements of a field and laboratory instrument but at a very cost effective price. It is easy to use with a one button operation and digitally adjusted calibration. Any member of staff can take meaningful gloss measurements with little or no training. Both the optical system and the ... more

Tri-Glossmaster u Gloss Meter

Tri-Glossmaster u Features 20° 60° 85° gloss – interchangeable for low to high gloss coatings. Dual thickness measuring – Fe/non Fe - 500um. One button calibration. Statistics – averaging, standard deviation, auto stored. PC cable and software included. Complete Kit includes software and cal. ... more

Bench Glossmeter

Ideally suited for gloss measurement on a variety of flat or curved surfaces - painted, ceramic, laquered, mirror and paper. Various shapes, large or small can be measured on this range of bench glossmeters.  The flat top allows large components to be accurately placed on the Glossmeter for measurement, the optional footswitch leaving ... more

Microgloss 155/SO

The standard Microgloss 155/SO glossmeter is designed specifically for selective sampling of gloss measurement on very small areas at 60° incidence. The 2 x 2mm measurement area is of particular interest to the packaging, metal finishing, automotive and plastics industries where intricate detail or size will not allow measurement using the ... more

Microgloss 45° & 75°

These two glossmeters have been designed to measure gloss of two distinctly different applications Features Compact and easy to use Automatic Calibration - Single button calibration Menu guided operation Single measurement and statistic mode including number of readings, mean and standard deviation Large memory capacity - store up to ... more

Retroreflectometer Z1013

This unique instrument simulates the visibility conditions of road markings according to two methods: RL: night visibility under headlight conditions Qd: visibility under daylight or street lighting. Measurements can be performed either in the laboratory or locally on the road surface. The instrument has been robustly designed to enable ... more

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