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       Other Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

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Elmasonic TI-H

The Transsonic TI-H series consists of 9 different unit sizes, available as single units or in modular design, with frequencies of either 25 and 45 kHz, or 35 and 130 kHz. Ergonomically designed and suitable for a wide range of materials in the industrial production, workshop and service. From type TI-H-25 upwards, all units are equipped with ... more

Elmasonic X-tra basic

Powerful floor-mounted ultrasonic units multifrequency at 25 and 45 kHz in one unit, for the removal of coarse contaminations and for the cleaning of surface coatings operation: ergonomical, easy, clearly arranged operating elements, splashproof Sweep: even distribution of power throughout the cleaning bath Pulse: power increase for ... more

Elmasonic XL

Ultrasonic standalone units with side-mounted transducers - "X-tra Large" for the cleaning of parts in industry and manufacture In industry, service and repair workshops not all cleaning jobs require fine cleaning. Often, the parts that need to be cleaned are large and weighty and are heavily contaminated with polishing pastes or oil. This ... more

Elmasonic X-tra Line Flex 1

Ultrasonic single work station for manufacturing and service Serial features Single frequency 35 kHz - for thorough and reliable cleaning Multifrequency - lower frequency for coarse and tenacious contaminations 25/45 kHz and 35/130 kHz - higher frequency for gentle cleaning of finer structures Sweep - uniform cleaning of immersed ... more

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Tri-Glossmaster u Gloss Meter

Tri-Glossmaster u Features 20° 60° 85° gloss – interchangeable for low to high gloss coatings. Dual thickness measuring – Fe/non Fe - 500um. One button calibration. Statistics – averaging, standard deviation, auto stored. PC cable and software included. Complete Kit includes software and cal. ... more

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