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       Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber

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Q-SUN Model Overview

There is a Q-Sun model with the capabilities that you need.  Models range from a basic tabletop tester to a full-featured tester with humidity control, water spray and chiller. Q-Sun Xe-3 he Q-Sun Xe-3 is a full-feature, full-size, self-standing light stability and weathering tester at a ... more

Q-Sun B02 Xenon Lightfastness Tester

The new rotating rack Q-Sun B02 xenon lightfastness tester provides precise control of critical textile test parameters. These include spectrum, irradiance, relative humidity, chamber temperature and black standard temperature. This model is designed specifically to be an affordable lightfastness tester that meets the requirements of ISO and ... more

Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber

Q-SUN Accelerated Light Stability and Weathering Tester Full Spectrum Xenon Arc Light Low Purchase Price & Operating Costs Easy to Use LIGHT CAUSES PRODUCT DAMAGE totaling mullions of dollars each year. Damage includes fading, yellowing, color change, strength loss, embrittlement, oxidation, gloss loss, cracking. Products and ... more

Q-Sun Xe-1 Series Xenon Test Chamber

The Q-Sun is a full sun UV spectrum test chamber. This is an economical, single lamp, bench-top model, with full capabilities. Its small scale is perfect for a lab that has a limited budget or only an occasional testing need; nevertheless the tester is designed for 24/7 operation and can be used in small factories and labs for total ... more

Q-Sun Xe-3 series Xenon Test Chamber

The Q-Sun Xe-3 series comprise a series of larger size xenon test chambers. This full-featured, full sized, self-standing tester uses 3 lamps to allow large specimen capacity. It is especially useful for testing larger 3 dimensional parts or components. The chamber does not need to rotate the specimens on a carousel for irradiation ... more

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