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WTW Carbon (1)
The main task of a water treatment plant is to reduce the total organic load of waste water in addition to all the progress made in nitrogen and phosphate elimination. Organic compounds consist mainly of the elements carbon and hydrogen.
WTW Nitrogen (6)
Wastewater treatment processes are concerned with controlling the removal of pollutants in the smallest possible space in the shortest posible time.
WTW On-Line Conductivity Measurement (3)
Conductivity is a well recognized, and sometimes indispensable, parameter of state-of-the-art water, wastewater and industrial process analysis.
WTW On-Line Dissolved Oxygen Measurement (3)
Realiable and continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen have become of vital importance in many areas of the Water / Wastewater Treatment, Water polution control and Aquaculture.
WTW On-Line pH-ORP Measurement (3)
pH is one of the most important analysis parameter measured throughout the water, wastewater and many process industries.
WTW Phosphate (3)
Phosphorus compounds - in particular ortho-phosphate PO43- are considered to be the limiting nutrients in most stagnant and flowing waters.
WTW Turbidity and Suspended Solids (2)
On-line turbidity and solid matter measurement using new revolutionary technology. Continuous turbidity and solid matter measurement are of great importance in analytic measurement in modern wastewater treatment plants.

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