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pHotoFlex® STD – Photometry purely WATER ANALYSIS AND ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING FOR WATER PROTECTION • Standardized and easy-to-use• Sturdy and waterproof• Sophisticated and versatile Versatile and fl exible! pHotoFlex® STD is the new favorably priced photometer of the well proven pHotoFlex® Series for fi eld use.With 6 ... more

Spectrophotometer PhotoLab 6100 and PhotoLab 6600

he spectrophotometers of the photoLab® 6000 series for VIS and UV/VIS range offer the unique combination of systematic and spectral analysis with the proven analytical quality assurance AQA and the convenience of a filter photometer. photoLab® 6000 Series 190 – 1100 nm Innovative optics Intuitive interface ... more

pHotoFlex®: The Portable Photometers

Portable Photometers: Whatever the Application

The pHotoFlex® series offers the most robust optics, combining precision with low power consumption achieved through optical filters together with the LEDs. The instruments are equipped with 6 wavelengths. Additionally, the pH measuring and the optional turbidity measuring (IR ... more

photoLab® S6

Extended functions for AQA/IQC and Blanks

The Photometer for all simple and rapid routine wastewater and drinking water measurements ! This photometer allows measurement of convenient rapid tests : simply lift the cover, insert the coded cuvette and read the result. The "AutoSelect" function performs all necessary settings. The ... more

PhotoLab® S12

Extended Functions for AQA/IQC and 50 User-Defined Methods

Features : Simple operation Portable version for on-site measurements AQA function Easy retrofitting for new test sets with MemoChip or download from the WTW homepage Simultaneous measurements for turbidity corrections 12 built-in interference filters and ... more

Technical Data & Ordering Information

for photoLab S6 and S12 series

Technical Data Model photoLab S6 and S6-A photoLab S12 and S12-A Type Filter Photometer Filter Photometer Photodiode array for 6 wavelengths 12 wavelengths Wavelength, nm 340, 445, 525, 550, 605, 690 340, 410, 445, 500, 525, 550, 565, 605, 620, 665, 690, ... more


The right Instrument for the right Test !

Thermoreactors, also known as dry thermostats, are necessary for carrying out chemical digestions, e.g. for COD, total nitrogen, total phosphorus. They ensure that the digestion is carried out completely, as they maintain the necessary ... more


CombiCheck solutions are ready-to-use multi-parameter standards for use with the test sets offered and supported by WTW. Each package contains a standard solution and an addition solution. Both solutions can be used directly without dilution for quality ... more

Technical Data Thermoreactors

Application Areas & Technical Data   CR 2200 CR 3200 CR 4200 Application Areas Routine measurements, wastewater Routine and specialized taks in wastewater and in laboratories Routine and specialized tasks in wastewater and in laboratories No. of samples, max. : 1  x 12 2 x 12 same program 2 ... more

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Digital Hand-Held Urine Specific Gravity "Pen" Refractometer PEN-URINE S.G.

The Digital Hand-Held Urine Specific Gravity "Pen" Refractometer PEN-URINE S.G. utilizes the refractive index method to measure the specific gravity of urine. The PEN type refractometer is extremely easy to use. There are 2 ways to measure the sample : Dip the tip into the sample and press the START key OR press the START key and touch ... more

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