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Turb® 355 T/Turb® 355 IR – Small portable turbidity meter for control purposes

0 – 1100 NTU/FNU Easy operation Convenient Battery-operated portable turbidity meter with Tungsten lamp according to US EPA or infrared LED (860 nm) for nephelometric measurements according to ISO 7027 / DIN / EN 27 027 (EN ISO 7027): Handy, lightweight and easy-to-operate. The Turb® 355 T / IR comes in a handy carrying ... more

Turb® 430 IR/Turb® 430 T – Lab accuracy & comfort in portable field instrument

Scattered light characteristics according to Pharmacopeia 5.0 Multifunctional LabStation GLP/AQA conform documentation With the turbidimeters Turb® 430 T and Turb® 430 IR, the user has the choice to perform nephelometric measurements at 90° scattered light, according to the application and standard required.The ... more

Turb® 550/Turb® 550 IR – The professional turbidity meter – Up to 1 000 NTU

Measuring range 0.01 ... 1 000 NTU with autoranging Automatic 1-3 point calibration Flow-through measurement Laboratory turbidity meters for nephelometric measurements with automatic 1-3-point calibration and calibration interval monitoring. Measuring range selection from 0.01 ... 1 000 NTU is carried out automatically, and for ... more

Turb® 555/Turb® 555 IR – The ADVANCED professional meter – measuring range up to 10 000 NTU

Measuring range 0.0001 to 10 000 NTU with AutoRange function Automatic 1 ... 5 point calibration Values displayed in– NTU– EBC– FNU, FAU (Turb® 555 IR)– Nephelos (Turb® 550) Flow-through measurement High-precision laboratory turbidity meter with a wide measuring range of 0.0001 to 10 000 NTU ... more

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