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Benchtop Multi-Parameter Instrument (6)
The inoLab multiparameter instruments provide the most necessary features and functions at an outstanding price.
Multi-parameter probes & Accessories (4)
ConOx – Conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurement with fully automatic salinity correction, MPP 350 – a multi-parameter probe
Portable Multi-Parameter Instruments (4)
ProfiLine Multi 197i, measurement of Oxygen, pH and Conductivity at Depth profile
MultiLine® IDS – Multi-parameter Instruments (4)
With intelligent, digital sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurement revolutionize multi-parameter measurement
New Conventional Multi Parameter (2)
The new pH/Cond 3320 and Multi 3320 are up-to-date two channel instruments for pH and conductivity respectively pH,conductivity and dissolved oxygen.They are based on the successful ProfiLine series and have the same performance specifications as the 3310

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Model LC-200 / LC-220 / LC-230

Features : Small Footprint Quick Start / Stop Large Capacity Safe Operation Model LC-200 LC-220 LC-230 Maximum Speed/RCF 9,000rpm / 9,600G(TLA-11) Maximum Capacity 480ml (15ml x 32) 1,200ml (15ml x 80) Flex-Spin Drive created new centrifuge standard. Easy-Mount Rotors Tomy offers a wide selection of ... more

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