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Dissolved Oxygen Meters »

       Laboratory & Field Instrumentation
          Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meters (3)
Laboratory Oxygen meters
inoLab Oxi 730 & inoLab Oxi 740
Dissolved Oxygen Sensors & Accessories (2)
Oxygen Sensors & Accessories
CellOx 325, DurOx 325, StirrOx G
Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters (5)
Oxi 3205, Oxi 3210, Oxi 3310

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TM200 Educational Biology Microscopes

A favorite choice among junior high and middle schools, the TM200 offers DIN optics, a choice of inclined or vertical observation tubes, standard or zoom eyepieces, objectives up to 100x magnification, and the choice of mirror or built-in 20W illumination. VIEWING HEADS Choice of vertical or 45° inclined monocular viewing heads. EYEPIECES H ... more

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