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Dissolved Oxygen Meters »

       Laboratory & Field Instrumentation
          Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meters (3)
Laboratory Oxygen meters
inoLab Oxi 730 & inoLab Oxi 740
Dissolved Oxygen Sensors & Accessories (2)
Oxygen Sensors & Accessories
CellOx 325, DurOx 325, StirrOx G
Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters (5)
Oxi 3205, Oxi 3210, Oxi 3310

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ESCO SC2® Class II Biosafety Cabinet

Class II biohazard safety cabinets provide product, operator and environmental protection and are suitable for general microbiological work with agents assigned to biological safety levels I, II or III.   Based on our EN12469 type-tested Airsrtream® Class II Biosafety Cabinet, Esco SC2 Class II Biosafety Cabinet provide optimum ... more

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