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       Laboratory & Field Instrumentation
BOD Measurement Respiration (15)
BOD is an important parameter in water resource management. BOD is a parameter used to measure the quality of water and treatment result in wastewater. WTW offers various measuring system for these methods.
Colony Counter (1)
The most time-consuming part of carrying a microbial count is the actual counting process on petri dishes
Conductivity Meters (9)
Conductivity is a parameter used to measure the ionic concentration and activity of a solution. Conductivity measurements are used for applications such as in the production of ultrapure water or determining the salinity of sea water.
Dissolved Oxygen Meters (10)
Some oxygen is dissolved in practically every liquid. The oxygen meter calculates the oxygen concentration in the sample.
General description of Meters (7)
InoLab, Profiline Portable Meters, Hanheld Meters, and Vario
ISE Ion-selective Measurements (6)
Ion-selective measurement is a method for determinating the concentration of dissolved ions. Ion-Selective Electrodes, Laboratory and handheld ionmeters.
Multi-Parameter Instruments (20)
With simultaneouse function for pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Salinity and temperature, these small and compact meters are complete laboratories themselves.
ORP Measurements (1)
ORP measurements can be carried out with all WTW pH/mV meters
pH Meters (9)
The pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a sample. A pH of 7 means that the sample is neutral and reacts neither line an acid nor like a base. Fresh tap water, for example, is approximately neutral.
Photometers (9)
Photometry allows the concentrations of numerous parameters to be determined and is an important method for the measurement of wastewater and drinking water.
Software and Printers (2)
MultiLab® pilot, the free-of-charge software package for all laboratory, handheld and field instruments, can be downloaded from the Internet and comfortable.
Turbidity meter (4)
In quality monitoring the "turbidity" value is of high use in many applications. This applies to drinking water and waste water treatment, for the preparation of baverages and in the electroplating and petrochemical industry in the chemical sector.
Water Level and Water Flow (2)
Water Level and Water Flow meters for measuring the flow rate of rivers, streams, canals and wastewater systems.
Water Quality Data Logger (1)
Data loggers for water quality monitoring, continuous pH/ORP and conductivity measurement in ground and surface water, as well as in drinking and wastewater.

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