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Peak 2000 Enlarging Focuser

Enlarging Focusers 2000, 2020, 2030 These focusers are auxiliary instruments which ensure extremely sharp focusing of your photo-enlarger not only at the picture center portion but also at any position within the picture area. With the aid of these focusers, you will be able to demonstrate the full performance of your enlarger and obtain ... more

Peak 1999 Telecentric Loupe 7X

This is a special purpose loupe with a magnifying power of 7 times. It belongs to that category of scale-loupes with and affixed transparent glass scale, which can be placed in contact with the object under examination, so that you can measure the length of the object very easily and accurately with an error of less than 0.03 mm. However, ... more

Peak 1998 Light Scale Loupe

Peak Light Scale Loupe with light 10x. Widely known as a simple and accurate comparator with improved inspection capabilities. The Peak Light Scale Loupe consists of the magnifying unit and a section to insert two dry cell batteries with a connnector in between. Any of the sections can be detached. Supplied with standard metric scale zero left, ... more

Peak 1997 Hand Magnifier

The low magnification of 3x plays a significant role in reducing the necessary concentration and time the worker requires for observation. The combination of the thin lens with the super lightweight aluminum alloy barrel, weighing only 18g N.W., offers hardly any feeling of resistance to the hand or fingers while working. In the case of the Hand ... more

Peak 1996 Loupe 30X

A simple microscope magnifier with a magnification of as high as 30x. The loupe is small and light weight that one can manage it quite easily with one hand, while the other hand holds the object to be examined. Designed for meeting the demands of engineers in photo-mechanical and precision machining fields. Excellent optical design composing of ... more

Peak 1994 Stereo Viewer

The Peak Stereo Viewer is a simple device designed for viewing a set of three-dimensional aerial photos in three dimensions. This viewer is supported by two metal legs which are unfolded to a standing position. The viewer is then placed over the aerial photos, which are spread out on a flat surface, and the photos are viewed through the two ... more

Peak 1993 Magnifier 10x w/Suction Base

Peak Sucking Loupe 10x Used by photographers for looking into large bright screens and composing pictures. The 10x magnifier is adhered to the focal plane glass for obtaining a sharp image. Easily detached after focusing. Magnification: 10x Field of View : 30mm Size : 60x51mm Net Weight : ... more

Peak 1990 - 4x & 7x Anastigmatic Loupe

The 1990-4 Loupe with 4X magnifying power is specially designed to enable observers to simultaneously inspect the whole picture area of the standard micro-film size (i.e. 32mm x 45mm)or flat objects less than 58mm in diameter. The image observed through the loupe is critically sharp from the center to the edge of the image field, because of ... more

Peak 1989 Parasite Loupe

The Peak Parasite Loupe is an improved version of the conventional magnifying glass. A cute 20mm diameter parasite-like lens is cemented on a large 75mm diameter lens. The magnification of the large lens is 2.5x, while that of the small lens has a compound magnification of 5x. The lens is of high grade crown glass, and the magnified image is very ... more

Peak 1987 Light Loupe 3.5x

This magnifying glass, with its large square lens and an illuminating device, enables hikers or drivers to read a map during the night. The details of a map can be brightly and clearly magnified. Its frame is made of high-impact styrol which is elastic and does not change throughout the years. The handle takes two 2 (1.5v) dry cells. It can be ... more

Peak 1985 Steinheil System Magnifier

The magnifier of the Steinheil type is composed of a biconvex lens with strong curvatures made of crown glass and two negative meniscus lenses of flint glass cemented on both sides of the central positive component. These magnifiers of various magnifying powers have been long and widely used for preliminary inspection of microscopic ... more

Peak 1983 Scale Loupe 10X

Peak Scale Loupe 10X has precision-constructed achromatic lenses (coated 4 elements, 2 groups), a photo-printed scale and focusing ring. Magnification: 10x Field of view: 28 mm Eye-piece: 20 mm The contradiction between high resolving power and wide visual field has been completely eliminated from this product so it can provide efficient ... more

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