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Peak Long Distance Microscope LDM-40

The Peak Long Distance Microscope LDM-40 consists of Wide Stand Microscope 40X and objective unit. The objects being inspected can be enlarged sharply at short distance of 200 mm as well as at a long distance. How to use: First, set the distance from the LDM-40 to the object on the working distance mark shown on the side of barrel. Then, bring ... more

Peak 2055 Scale Loupe 20X

Peak Scale Lupe 20X is a new product, composed of 2 groups, 3 elements, will enlarge entire area with clear distortion-free viewing. The 2055 Scale Lupe 20X will solve the problem that the magnification 10X is too low but that the magnifying power of 30X is too high to use. In using the instrument, turn the diopter adjustment ring so that you ... more

Peak 2054CIL Wide Stand Microscope

The 2054CIL series provides illumination both by pen light and coaxial incident light. The illumination comes down from the inside of the microscope. This illumination systems is suitable for observing the objects which have a high rate of reflection Peak Wide Stand Microscope is a simple measuring microscope designed to be compact and light ... more

Peak 2054 Wide Stand Microscope

Peak Wide Stand Microscope is a simple measuring microscope designed to be compact and light weight, but characterized by a wider field of view than that of the conventional microscope. It allows not only to provide magnified view of fine pattern and contour of objects, but also to measure length and compare dimension by using a scale included in ... more

Peak 2053 Folding Loupe

The Peak Folding Loupe is a multi-purpose desk loupe. The large lens of 2x magnifying power is set as a main lens, accompanied by two small lenses having magnifying power of 5x and 10x respectively. This folding loupe is supported by two metal legs which give a steady standing position when unfolded for use. Compact folds are easy to carry or put ... more

Peak 2052 Scale Loupe 3x

The Peak Scale Loupe 3x consists of lens, support pole, and metal base. A reticle scale is placed on the metal base. The form of this loupe is, as you see, different from any other scale loupes made. It is, by this form, possible to get a wider working space for observation. This scales loupe has lenses (2 elements, 2 groups) of 3x magnification ... more

Peak 2051 Hand Microscope

Peak pocket microscopes, small in size and light in weight, have had high reputation for a long time as the article of high-resolution power and brightness. After its appearance in the market, we have added to them as a variation the measuring (a function to measure) and EIM (a function to measure erected images). It was the small size and ... more

Peak 2050 Pocket Microscope EIM

Erected Image Model with a scale built in. This is the new type of erected image model with a scale built in. This new product with a built in roof prism provides you an erected image exact to life. First, rotate adjuster ring of eyepiece until the scale is brought into focus. This new microscope can be focused in the same way as in our other ... more

Peak 2049 Loupe 10x

Peak Loupe 10X is a magnifier with 3 functions. 1-Scale: Standard scale installed when ordered as standard item. Thirteen scales are available just for Peak 2049 10X. 2-Color glass (or filter): As standard, a pale blue glass with a diameter of 23mm is installed in the unit. Other colors available as special order. 3-Iris diaphragm: The iris ... more

Peak 2048 Eye Loupe (Vinyl Tube)

Peak Eye Loupe is a convenient type magnifier to be used as an auxiliary tool, for making and repairing clocks, watches and jewelry. We have used the glass lens for this Loupe. We have a wide choice of modes, providing you with four magnification power, tube is made of vinyl. A small hole on the tube serves as a prevention against cloud on the ... more

Peak 2048 Eye Loupe (Aluminum series)

Peak Eye Loupe is a convenient attach-to-the-eye type magnifier to be used, as an auxiliary tool, for making and repairing clocks, watches and jewelry. We have used the glass lens for this Loupe. We have a wide choice of models, providing you with five kinds of magnification power, the tube is made of aluminum. Peak Eye Loupe is useful not only ... more

Peak 2047 Pendant Loupe 3x

The Peak Pendant Loupe 3x is a simple and lightweight magnifier for practical use, consisting of an optical glass lens, a plastic frame and a strap. If we may be allowed a little exaggeration, the break and resumption of your observation can be made freely and easily at once. Moreover, this loupe will not arouse a sense of resistance to use and ... more

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CO2 Incubator

The INCO CO2 Incubator

Cell cultures, tissue cultures and bacteria cultures, as well as micro-organisms, need protection in a controlled and physiologically ideal environment. Alarm functions, three-fold overtemperature protection and simultaneous display of all parameters provide safety for samples and cultures in ... more

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