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       GRANT Data Acquisition
          Mini-met WEATHER STATION

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Mini-met Weather Station

The Mini-Met is a rugged, battery operated weather station for permanent installation or portable application. The system consists of a strong, weather-proof frame for mounting sensors and a Squirrel data logger in a weatherproof enclosure which will withstand severe weather conditions. Recorded data is retained for two years, even if power is ... more

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Hand-Held Alcohol Refractometer AL-21α (alpha)

The best for measuring pure alcohol and alcohol after distillation. Model AL-21α Cat.No. 2361 Scale range Ethyl Alcohol Concentration0.0 to 21.0% (ml/100ml) * at 15°C Minimum Scale Ethyl Alcohol Concentration0.2 % *Resolution is 0.1% Ambient temperature 5 to 30°C Size & Weight 4×4×21cm, ... more

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