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Water bath SUB Aqua Plus

High quality and excellent temperature stability, in a value-for-money package designed to meet the needs of the world`s researchers. The SUB Aqua Plus range is composed of eight models, including shallow and dual baths. Three programmable temperature presets - New for 2010! Drain tap on SUB Aqua 12 Plus,18 Plus, 26 Plus and 34 ... more

Water bath JB Aqua Plus Series

Quality meets value-for-money! The JB Aqua Plus range offers the simplicity of an analogue bath, with the quality and reliability expected in a Grant water bath. Blue transparent polycarbonate lid and polycarbonate base tray are included as standard to improve performance and limit energy wastage. The range consists of seven models including ... more

Boiling bath SBB Aqua Plus

The new SBB Aqua Plus boiling baths are robust, reliable and provide continuous 100°C operation. The range consists of four models to suit a range of applications and any budget. Now a choice of 4 models - New for 2010! Non-drip polycarbonate lid included as standard - New for 2010! Adjustable energy regulator ... more

Transparent water bath PB1

The Grant PB1 is a simple and compact unstirred waterbath with a transparent polycarbonate tank and an analogue control unit. It is ideal for educational purposes, routine laboratory purposes, procedures requiring visibility of reactions inside the vessels and as a ‘personal’ water bath for scientists needing only a small working ... more

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Duplex Applicator Charts

Duplex Applicator Charts Originally made to be used with the “Duplex Applicator”, an instrument designed for rapid production of side-by-side drawdowns, they now serve mostly as generic paint test charts.   FormNo. Charts per Box Boxes per Case Box Weight 6F6 500 6 5 lb 6F4 500 6 5 ... more

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